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Feb. 06.

Countdown to “Cyrano”…

Well, will ya look at that? It’s February already, folks! Kinda crept up on me, actually. You know what else crept up on me? OPENING NIGHT for “Cyrano de Bergerac”! “Much Ado” is much a-done (and went smashingly, thanks for asking) so it’s on to 17th century France!

Tech tomorrow. Tech yesterday. (But never ever tech today?) No, no. We DO in fact have a tech run this evening. And after the technical stuff is straightened out? On to full show runs straight through to Friday’s big opening.

In light of that, you can bet I’ll have oodles more to blog about very soon! In fact, if you’d like to come see the show THIS Saturday, we’re having a Meet & Greet reception with the cast/crew after the 8pm performance. The fine folk of NLT have even arranged for some refreshments of the cheese/wine/various tasty treats variety, so there’s no reason *not* to come on over to Nutley that night!

You can get your “Cyrano” tickets through–

Tickets for NLT’S “Cyrano de Bergerac”

In other areas not necessarily de Bergerac -centric… Have you guys checked out my Tumblr account yet? If you want the more fun, less static side of my life, get on over there! I post pictures, lyrics, inspirational quotes… oh yeah! And MUSIC. Yes, I’ve been really pushing my music during my down time between rehearsals and some demo stuff is starting to show up there! I’ll have a live link on the main page of this site soon with the polished tracks, but if you want in on the “ground floor” so-to-speak, click on through!


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