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Mar. 13.

I’ve Heard It Too Many Times to Ignore It…

So, first off– Hey everybody!! Just so you know, I haven’t broken my vow. I am keeping this journal regularly updated. Three months running, even!

Since my last post, “Cyrano de Bergerac” opened, ran for the month of February and closed to much applause and numerous sold out performances. My part wasn’t the largest, but my friend Jim Simpson was living out his dream role of Cyrano and he put 200% of himself into every performance. Seriously. It was an honor to share even a tiny slice of that stage each night. Being around people who radiate that kind of positive energy and letting it rub off on you is what life should be all about, guys.

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And speaking of positive energy…

Since the closing of “Cyrano” I have been on a rather interesting journey. Call it getting back in gear, re-igniting the fire… whatever metaphor you want to use. The bottom line is, two years ago I let a bad situation upend my dreams, but now, thanks to some very good friends and a long lost voice of inspiration from my childhood, I’ve been feeling a strong sense of purpose again, coupled with a ever-sharpening focus on my goals.

You can get the full story over at my Tumblr where I keep my long-form entries. Let’s just say it’s been a remarkable few weeks!

Here’s a highlight to tease you into clicking on the link. Some photos from this morning’s CRAZY AMAZING Muppets segment on Good Morning America:

Meeting the hilarious Peter Linz (Walter from The Muppets)

Talk about a career inspiration!
Muppeteer Steve Whitmire! (Kermit, Rizzo, Wembley, etc etc..)

Here’s to the lovers, the dreamers and ME. 🙂

Feb. 06.

Countdown to “Cyrano”…

Well, will ya look at that? It’s February already, folks! Kinda crept up on me, actually. You know what else crept up on me? OPENING NIGHT for “Cyrano de Bergerac”! “Much Ado” is much a-done (and went smashingly, thanks for asking) so it’s on to 17th century France!

Tech tomorrow. Tech yesterday. (But never ever tech today?) No, no. We DO in fact have a tech run this evening. And after the technical stuff is straightened out? On to full show runs straight through to Friday’s big opening.

In light of that, you can bet I’ll have oodles more to blog about very soon! In fact, if you’d like to come see the show THIS Saturday, we’re having a Meet & Greet reception with the cast/crew after the 8pm performance. The fine folk of NLT have even arranged for some refreshments of the cheese/wine/various tasty treats variety, so there’s no reason *not* to come on over to Nutley that night!

You can get your “Cyrano” tickets through–

Tickets for NLT’S “Cyrano de Bergerac”

In other areas not necessarily de Bergerac -centric… Have you guys checked out my Tumblr account yet? If you want the more fun, less static side of my life, get on over there! I post pictures, lyrics, inspirational quotes… oh yeah! And MUSIC. Yes, I’ve been really pushing my music during my down time between rehearsals and some demo stuff is starting to show up there! I’ll have a live link on the main page of this site soon with the polished tracks, but if you want in on the “ground floor” so-to-speak, click on through!


My Best,

Kay Koch headshot
Jan. 23.

Starting off 2012 with much “Ado” and a bit of de “Bergerac”!

Well, HELLO everyone! Long time no see!

My new year’s resolution was quite simple this year- Keep my website updated!!

I’ve had numerous friends ask me over the past year what I’m up to, what projects I’m working on, etc… Well, after spending most of 2011 doing so in email blasts or hastily-scribbled information on the back of postcards, (sad, but true) I had a *startling* revelation: “You have a website. USE IT!” To that end- see this lovely new redesign in progress? Keep an eye on it. I’ve got a lot more stuff to add!

Your first chance to catch me onstage is… THIS WEEKEND (in fact!).

by William Shakespeare
SATURDAY, JANUARY 28th, 2012 – 8pm
29-20 Fair Lawn Avenue
Fair Lawn, New Jersey
The Radburn Players

* A FREE ADMISSION showcase evening of select scenes and frantic fun from the Bard hisself! Directed by friend Nick Thomas, I have been given the strange and challenging double casting of both independent-minded BEATRICE (a dream role of mine) and the blustery DOGBERRY. Definitely a strange mix, but as many of you know, I’m always up for embracing “non-traditional” casting! Come see if… I survive. 😉

Then, after I bid adieu to “Ado”, I’m going to zip over to 17th century France for the month of February!
— ~*~ ——– ~*~ ——– ~*~ —
by Edmund Rostand
Nutley Little Theatre
— ~*~ ——– ~*~ ——– ~*~ —
OPENS FEBRUARY 10th and runs through FEBRUARY 25th

[ I will post much more about Cyrano shortly, but for now
all the information you need can be found at the link! ]


Well, that’s all I have for now, gang! More to come soon!

My Best!
– Kay

Kay Koch headshot
May. 08.

New Headshots!

I haven’t been blogging here at all, but I figured I should post to let you know that I’ve uploaded new headshots!

Nov. 01.

I know I haven’t posted a lot…

I know I haven’t posted a lot, but I’ve been working day and night on a top-secret project that (hopefully) I’ll be able to tell everyone about very soon.

looks around, draws you in closer…
Since it’s just you, however, I’ll give you a little taste… I’m writing a musical! I can’t say any more right now.